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Giving Back

Last December, Welcoming Home fully furnished the home of an Afghani refugee couple and their toddler. The father was a civil engineer in Kabul, who also served as a translator for the American military there. Shortly after the “Welcoming,” the father landed a job as a civil engineer. We got a text from him last week saying he would like to donate much of the furniture we gave him to another family that might be in need.

Afghani refugee couple and their toddler

What Comes Around Goes Around

Welcoming Home recently got a referral from a case manager, asking us to help one of her formerly homeless clients who just got an apartment but had no furniture. It turns out that the case manager herself was formerly homeless. A few years ago, she had finally found an apartment and Welcoming Home had furnished it.

A former recipient of Welcoming Home now helps others

A Restaurant is Born

In December 2021, the middle of the pandemic, Welcoming Home fully furnished the home of a refugee Afghani family of nine people—three generations. One year later, they opened up “Zamzam” in Santa Rosa, with four stars on Yelp. They are now looking for a larger venue where they can serve more customers.

Zam Zam serves Afghani Cuisine

Reconnected on Facebook Marketplace

We often reach out to sellers on Facebook Marketplace, asking if they would be willing to donate their furniture pieces to the formerly homeless people we serve. Recently, when we reached out for a dresser, the seller responded with “Of course! You helped me and my children four years ago.”

Reconnected on Facebook Marketplace