Note: stories do not necessarily correspond with families pictured

When we first reached out to Teresa to offer our help, she said, “No, that’s okay, there must be other families who need it more than we do,” even though her apartment was basically empty. Teresa’s goal is to get an AA degree and pursue her dream to work in a nonprofit organization helping underserved middle-school-aged children.

Maria and her two teens, Natasha and Alex, lost everything in an apartment fire. They were devastated. Maria had worked so hard to create a home for her family and now all was lost.

Regina and her children had fled an abusive situation in another state, returning to California where they had virtually nothing, except their clothes and a few very used items. Regina commutes to Daly City for a part-time job and cleans houses in her spare time.

“You cannot imagine how happy you and your team made Esmeralda and her children.  Esmeralda came to my office Monday morning to show me the pictures and to tell me how happy and grateful she and her children are for all the furniture and the little details that your team did to make her place a real home.”  ~ Ana R., Case Manager, North Marin Community Services

Elda and her family fled Guatemala because of gang violence and child molestation in their neighborhood. When Elda’s brother was killed, she knew she had to leave with her children to ensure their safety. They are awaiting asylum. Elda and Jorge are both full-time cooks at Marin restaurants.

Claudio, his wife Maira and their almost 2-year-old son, Martias, arrived in the US after fleeing from El Salvador because of the dangerous political situation there. Even though they had good jobs there (Claudio was the manager of a soccer league and also managed a dance troupe), they feared for their lives. They were able to get visas for the US and have applied for political asylum here.

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