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11/19/2022 – Welcoming Event – Sonoma County

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Here’s a brief introduction to the people we’ll all be helping …

Home 1 is where Dean lives. He’s a delightful, salt of the earth kind of guy. the kind you feel you could be friends with after just talking with him for an hour. He was referred to us by Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa. Dean used to have a successful auto repair business until COVID forced him to close it down. Since he was no longer able to support his family, his wife left, taking their four children and their savings with her. Dean lived in a trailer and on the street for quite a while until he was able to find a place in a shelter. He now finally has an apartment, but it’s totally empty except for a mattress and hand made quilt his mother made for him. Unfortunately, he has recently developed serious health issues, which now make it difficult for him to walk. He is so grateful to have a roof over his head and looking forward to having furniture so that he can have his children over.

Sheila lives in Home 2 and was also referred to us by referred to us by Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa. Imagine that with your Social Welfare degree from UC Berkeley, you had a successful career at a Dependency Treatment facility. You had a good life with your treasured dog and cat. When your mother became ill you moved to Sonoma County to take care of her and became a caregiver for others. This was Sonia’s life until her siblings took it all away. “It was terrifying.” They hacked into her bank account, got her illegally evicted, and took her mom and pets somewhere in Oregon (she hasn’t been able to find out where). She lost her job and all her property last December. She went through most of her savings paying to stay in hotels, which at times weren’t safe or clean. Finally, she got to stay in safe parking for a month, which was better than the hotels. In the meantime, she worked with Catholic Charities to find a home. She is excited to have a lovely apartment now and looking forward to getting back to working as a caregiver and to her hobbies in art, music, and exercising.

Home 3 is where Maria and James live with their beautiful family. They were also referred to us by Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa. They have a 2-year-old boy and another baby boy due very soon.  As a young couple, they found themselves renting for the first time, from a landlord that was less than honest. She took advantage of the situation, requiring unpaid labor on the property in exchange for rent, but kept increasing the hours demanded, pulling James away from his normal paying jobs. Eventually, they found themselves in the Family Support Center shelter.  Showing exceptional organizational skills and motivation, Maria worked diligently to get her family into secured housing. They are ecstatic and hopeful. This apartment is their first real place as a family.  With a new baby due in a few weeks, they are excited for a new beginning and a brighter future for their family.


Nov 19 2022


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