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09/24/2022 – Welcoming Event – Sonoma County

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Here’s a brief introduction to the people we’ll all be helping. They were all referred to us by Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa …

Randy is a talented cook who lives in Home 1. Things started to go downhill for him many years ago after a contentious divorce. For a while he lived on the streets, then thankfully, a homeless shelter took him in. He put his culinary skills to work there, preparing meals for the residents. His delightful personality and tasty meals made him a favorite with both staff and residents. After living in the shelter for many years, he was just recently able to find an apartment but of course had no furnishings. Neighbors lent him a few pieces until he is able to get the place furnished. He is so grateful that the community will be coming to his aid by donating gently used furniture and cash for his new bed. He’s looking forward to re-establishing a relationship with his son and plans to return to the homeless shelter where he lived – this time to volunteer as a chef.

Home 2 is where Carol lives. Until she was 18, Carol was homeless, living in shelters with her mother and five siblings. When she turned 18, her mother lost her job and the family was forced to split up and live in different towms. Carol began living alone on the street and tried working in an assortment of fast food jobs and at Goodwill. Unfortunately, she learned how difficult it is to hold down a job without a warm place to live, a shower, a place to wash her clothes, or to get a good night’s sleep. Through all the separations, though, her family has continued to stay connected and lovingly support each other. Ultimately, they would all like to live together again in their own house. Until then, Carol is thrilled to have a place to call home as she begins her job hunt, now really ready to go to work.

Christine lives in Home 3; she grew up in Santa Rosa and has four daughters. She has been homeless and living on the streets for years, sometimes lucky enough to have a tent over her head. At some point she was able to at least get into shelters. At one place, she cared for her grandkids during the day. Unfortunately, that shelter burned down. She has been through a lot! Her partner has a job; his daughter and one grandchild will be living with them. And, of course, she will continue to help care for her grandchildren. She is so looking forward to not having to stress about where they are going to sleep and having dressers for the kids’ clothes. My life is going to be a lot easier, she says!


Sep 24 2022


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