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02/05/2022 – Welcoming Event – Sonoma County

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Here’s a brief introduction to the people we’ll all be helping …

Home 1 is Margaret’s apartment; she was referred to Welcoming Home by Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa. Muriel and her service dog, Bella, have been together for fourteen years. Bella provides Margaret with early warnings about upcoming seizures.Margaret became homeless about ten years ago when her mother died. In the past, she worked in various service industries, including home care, restaurants, and retail. She also has a strong love of animals and has even trained horses. In the shelter, she was called the dog whisperer. Now that her life is settling down in a warm and secure home, she would like to volunteer helping with animals.Margaret feels very blessed to be given this opportunity to have a home of her own. “I never thought it would happen for me. Thank you to everyone for making this dream possible.”

Macie and Devin live in Home 2. They, too, were referred by Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa. The couple were living in Healdsburg when the pandemic began. Shortly after, they lost their jobs in retail management. Unable to make rent, they were evicted. They chose not to ignore the eviction notice and, thinking they would get back on their feet quickly, left their apartment and moved into their car. This was not to be; they have spent the last two years on the streets. After receiving help from the City of Rohnert Park and Catholic Charities, they are now moving into their own 1-bedroom apartment. They are both very excited and grateful for the help they are receiving. They have four boys between them, ranging in age from 10 to 15. The children live with other family members but visit Macie and Devin often. It is the couple’s hope that getting off the streets will be the change they need to get their lives back on track so that they can rebuild their careers and their relationship with their sons.

Home 3 is Jack. He was referred to us by Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa. Jack hasn’t had a solid roof over his head for the last three years; to say that his life has been challenging during this time is an understatement. He was left in a river after being beaten, lost a truck and trailer when they were towed, and became accustomed to having his belongings stolen. Living in a tent, Jack was called “the mayor” by others living nearby in similar circumstances because he helped so many people. This kept him busy and feeling productive. He looks forward to finally living in an apartment again with a lock where he and his belongings will be safe. Hopefully a farm handyman job is in his future. He’s an avid bike rider and enjoys fixing electronics.


Feb 05 2022


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