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12/10/2022 – Welcoming Event – Marin County

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Clara is a single mom who lives in Home 1 with six children. She was referred to us by North Marin Community Services. After losing her housing due to domestic violence, Clara and her family spent 2 years in an apartment without heat or a working stove. Like many single moms, she has struggled to juggle work, school, and childcare. Claira has worked in security and is hoping to start a new job soon now that her younger children are registered for school at their new location. Her 2 older daughters have been a great help with their 4 younger siblings and their new apartment is truly a fresh start for the entire family.

Home 2 is where Gus and Charlene live. They were referred to us by Homeward Bound of Marin. Gus and Charlene met in the Bay Area and have been married for almost 20 years. After some negative life experiences, they found themselves homeless and living in an encampment for 10 years. They are delighted to feel safe, to be together, and to have a roof over their heads! Charlene is a trauma nurse and Gus is a talented mechanic and carpenter. Charlene’s goal is to work with a Marin non-profit to help other people in similar situations. She is planning to go back to school in January for counseling courses. Guy is busy with multiple projects, but would love to teach the younger generation repair and construction skills.

Vera lives in Home 3 and was referred to us by Marin Community Clinics. She is a single Mom with a 3 year old son. She had to move out of her previous Section 8 apartment because one of her neighbors assaulted her. In addition, her prior partner, who had been in jail for domestic abuse (against her) was getting out of jail and she didn’t want him to find her in the old apartment. She is very grateful for our help getting her son settled into a safe, comfortable home. Vera is now focused on settling in and getting her son in a daycare near the new place. She has a solid background in in food service and retail and once settled, will get a job in one of those areas. She’s also been a model and dancer as side jobs and hopes to pursue a career in the fashion industry long term.

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Dec 10 2022


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