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Sponsored Welcoming by St. Andrew Presbyterian Church – Sonoma County

Sponsored Welcoming by St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Sonoma County

Sponsor is fulfilling needs through their organizations/networks.

Covid Protocol for “Welcomings”

In carrying out our “Welcomings” during the time of Covid, we are taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our donors, volunteers and the families we help. Volunteers wear masks and practice social distancing while working in the families’ apartments and collecting donations. When donors arrive to drop off items on the morning of the “Welcoming,” they remain in their cars while volunteers remove the donations from the trunks. Of course, families are not present while the homes are being set up by volunteers. When they are called to return home, volunteers remain only for a few minutes to greet the families and continue to practice social distancing while they are doing so.


Dec 11 2021


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