Before & After Photos 06.04.22

Home #1

Regina lives in Home 1; this is the first time she's had her own home in over 10 years. She was referred to us by Catholic Charities.

After she divorced her husband, she and her two youngest children lived briefly with her sister. when she needed to leave that home, she had a series of abusive relationships, went in and out of domestic violence shelters, and ended up in a tent in Finley Park. A year-long volunteer opportunity there built her confidence and self-esteem and earned her the reputation of being reliable and dependable.

Regina's faith helped her weather adversity to achieve her dream of having a roof over her head. She is very happy to have a small cottage to call home. 

Home 1 Before
Home 1 After
Home 1 After
Home 1 Before Bedroom
Home 1 AFter Bedroom
Home 1 Before Kitchen
Home 1 After Bedroom
Home 1 Before Bathroom
Home 1 after Bathroom
June 4th Home 1

Regina was so excited to get her home furnished. When she arrived, she smiled as she checked out each new area.

She couldn't believe the cool, leather reclining couch where she can put her feet up and watch her new TV. In the kitchen she loves her new eating nook with table, chairs and art on the walls, and especially her new coffee maker. In the bedroom she opened and closed the curtains, looked into the full-length mirror, and appreciated the dresser, nightstands, lamp, closet curtain and coordinating fuzzy pillows. She thanked our team profusely and is probably still grinning in her lovely home.

Home #2

Kathy lives in Home 2; she was referred to us by Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa

Several years ago, Kathy tragically lost her eldest son. Her intense grief resulted in the eventual destruction of her relationship with her husband and their three remaining children. It’s been a long, difficult road for Kathy, but she’s worked hard to turn things around. She has been living in a group home run by Catholic Charities and finally found an apartment of her own.

Kathy has a job and enjoys arts & crafts in her free time. She’s rebuilding the relationship with her children and recently got to attend the birth of her granddaughter. Kathy is so grateful for this opportunity and is excited for her future.

Home 2
Home 2 After
Home 2 Before
Home 2 After
Home 2 Before
Home 2 After
June 4th Home 2

Kathy was so excited to see the transformation of her home. She is a huge fan of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition TV show. She said that she never, in a million years, would have guessed that something very similar would ever happen to her. 

Her daughter spent the afternoon with her and was there for the big reveal.  They were both very moved by the personal touches that the team put in, including hanging some of her art projects, a clay imprint of her daughter's hand, and a large framed photo of her late son.  Even her puppy got a brand new dog bed. 

A couple of days later, Kathy sent us a heartfelt message, here are some excerpts:

I just wanted to say thank you again. I am blown away by your generosity. I did not expect even half of what you guys put together for me. I came home tonite for the first time since you guys were here and I wanted to cry all over again. Not only do I have a safe place to lay my head at nite in a warm and cozy bed with pillows galore! But now I have place to keep my clothes that's not a cardboard box, pots and pans to cook in my own kitchen, an actual dining set to eat all the food I can cook but I actually can come home and relax and cuddle up on a really comfy couch and watch TV on a humongous screen. I am in awe. I absolutely love EVERYTHING! There is not one thing I would change. You did an outstanding job at utilizing the small space I have and the decorating you did. I was so touched that you remembered everything I told you during our brief talk when you first visited me. I noticed you didn't take notes but u remembered!